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Friday, April 25, 2014
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If you are a licensed funeral director, you may signup for access to the EDRS application by faxing the "EDRS User Support Document" to ODH/VS for registration.

------------------------------- FUNERAL HOME STAFF REGISTRATION TO EDRS

If you need to be added to EDRS as a clerk for a funeral home, your licensed funeral director should complete and then submit a paper request for an account with the approving signature of a funeral director. 

Click here to access the form necessary to add funeral home support staff to EDRS!
------------------------------- CORONER REGISTRATION TO EDRS

Coroners must fax the "EDRS User Support Document" to ODH/VS for registration to EDRS. This form supplies required data (including unique email address) to ODH/VS in order to register coroners, deputy coroners and other coroner support staff.

Click here to register!
------------------------------- REGISTRAR CHANGES IN IPHIS-EDRS
Local, Deputy and Sub- Registrar changes should be faxed to ODH/VS as soon as possible using the "Change of Registrar Appointment Request" form. Vital changes must be made in the IPHIS-EDRS application.
Click here to submit your change request!
------------------------------- HOSPITAL REGISTRATION TO EDRS

Hospital staff can get clerk level access to EDRS in order to input death certificate information, for situations such as an infant death or body donation. Users must fax the "EDRS User Support Document" to ODH/VS, which supplies us with required information to setup or modify your access account.

Click here to submit your request!
------------------------------- BIRTH FACILITY REGISTRATION TO IPHIS

Hospital staff access to IPHIS is controlled by a local Facility Administrator, who can request the creation/removal of user accounts within their facility by emailing  If a change to your Facility Administrator is required (each facility should have two or three for redundancy), complete the Facility Administrator Support Document and fax to ODH/VS.

Click here to submit your change request!


This site is maintained by the Office of Vital Statistics for business partners. Public customers needing certified copies should call (614)466-2531 or visit   Business partners should use this site for the registration of vital records. Should you experience a problem while navigating the Support Site, use the Site Feedback link at the bottom. Should you have a question about IPHIS-EDRS, call our HelpDesk at (614) 466-2531, option 3.


Data Requestors:  Click here to view or save the birth index information requested for recent births.  This file contains the birth index of all records registered in Ohio with a birth date between April 6 and April 21, 2014.  If you would like to purchase a copy of any birth certificate, send a paid request to a local vital statistics office.  If you would like to inspect a certificate, please contact the local vital statistics office in which the record was registered or the state office at 614-466-2531.  Public inspection of certificates may be performed during normal office hours.  Click here to visit our statewide directory to find address and contact information


NEW!  Local Health Departments:  Click here to view a brief accounting of common data corrections and other information pertaining to abstract errors, abstract data presentation, and abstract issuance as correspondent to duties with which the HelpDesk can assist by means of action and/or information sharing.  

All applicable IPHIS/EDRS users:  Click Here to reference the new and updated Easy Step Guide to Citrix Password Manager.  Here one can learn and reference later how to set up security questions for password retrieval, reset passwords within the 60 day span, how to submit a password help request, and facilitate all other usage specific to password management.  

Local Health Departments:  The next vital statistics webinar will be Thursday, April 24th at 9 AM.   

Please review the materials from past webinars:

  1. Click here for the 8/22 presentation, which explained the new process for issuing a "certified letter of no record" and included references to the standard application form for LHD's.
  2. Click here for the 9/26 presentation, which included references to the Easy Step Guide to Create and File a Certificate of Service and the tip sheet to remove a birth record from hold.    
  3. Click here for the 10/24 presentation, which included additions to the ODH birth affidavit guidelines and an explanation of the two different ways a fetal death record may be issued.  
  4. Click here for the 1/23/14 presentation , which included registration reminders, an overview of the Citrix upgrade, an update about adoption law changes, and an overview of the statewide search kiosk. 
  5. Click here for the 2/27/14 presentation , which includes prior year record reminders, issues with filing death records, births certified by Midwives, HelpDesk outreach and Statewide Index kiosk.
  6. Click here for the 3/27/14 presentation, which explains recent adoption law changes.
Click here to view the current version of the Ohio Registrar Directory, which contains contact information for all local vital records offices and their local, deputy and sub- registrars (March updates summarized on first page). The directory is updated on a monthly basis and reposted to the Support Site under "Contacts". For appointment changes, use our Change of Registrar Appointment Request template for the fastest processing. All changes should be submitted to your ODH/VS Field Service Unit.  

To access the contact information for funeral homes, visit the Ohio Funeral Directors Association website at and click on the bottom of the page "Find a funeral home". You can search by city and/or name to find the address and phone number of local business partners. For coroners, visit the Ohio Coroners Association website at

Local VS Offices and applicable persons issuing birth abstracts:  Only amended records which have UNKNOWN as a parent birthplace should be requested to have the UNKNOWN birthplace removed.  Those impacted customers should be instructed to get an amended DOP or, in the event it was an Administrative Order (JFS 7723), to get a court ordered correction to said birthplace.  Records which were not amended which state UNKNOWN in the birthplace of a parent should have an affidavit completed and attached.  Do not request the UNKNOWN birthplace be removed.  If the request for the birth record is a mail-in, issue the abstract and with it mail an affidavit for completion. 

All applicable persons issuing birth abstracts from IPHIS:  If a birth record is not in filed/registered status and/or does not have an image attached for viewing, an abstract should only be issued by the county which retains a verifiable hard copy.  Once a birth record is received in hard copy form at Vital Statistics, the image placement on the corresponding IPHIS record will appear within a few days.   


IMPORTANT  Registrars and Funeral Directors:  Pursuant to the Order of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio in Obergefell, et al. v. Wymyslo, 13-CV-501, Dr. Theodore E. Wymyslo, Director of the Ohio Department of Health, provides the attached Notice of Court Order.

On December 23, 2013 United States District Court Judge Timothy S. Black issued a Final Order and Declaratory Judgment and Permanent Injunction (EDF Docs. No. 65 & 66) in the matter of Obergefell, et al. v. Wymyslo, et al., Case No. 13-CV-501.  Importantly, while you are being provided with this notice as somebody who may assist in completing Ohio death certificates, the Court's order only applies to Plaintiffs James Obergefell, John Arthur, David Michener, and Robert Grunn (with respect to his future clients about whom he reports information regarding their marital status and status as surviving spouses in support of their requests for death certificates.)

Please review the notice carefully.  If you have any questions regarding the below attached notice, please contact Rachel Belenker, Legal Counsel, Ohio Department of Health at (614) 466-4882.

ODH Notice of Order

65 Final Order Granting Plaintiff's Motion for DJ, PI

66 Declaratory Judgment and Permanent Injunction




CSEA Offices: Welcome to IPHIS!  The Ohio Department of Health, Office of Vital Statistics (ODH/VS), is pleased to provide you with this instructional guide to assist Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) offices in using HelpSTAR.  The HelpSTAR application is instrumental with controlling access to the IPHIS central database, which contains valuable birth information.  Secure administration of local access is a very important task for county CSEA offices.  Each CSEA office should have one administrator in charge of local user accounts.  This person is responsible for using HelpSTAR to request new IPHIS accounts and notify ODH when IPHIS accounts should be deactivated upon employee separation. You can also use HelpSTAR to send requests for assistance with Citrix download problems, printer problems and searching issues.

Changes were added to improve the IPHIS Training for CSEA guide.  Click here to print the new IPHIS Training for CSEA guide.  This illustrated guide will help you perform efficient searches and understand the displayed data. This guide should be shared with all CSEA users.


Local health departments and applicable users:  Please take a moment to review the below guidelines for HelpStar request uniform entry.  Our goal at the help desk is to streamline current process impact and to make users aware of capabilities present in HelpStar heretofore untapped.  Use of HelpStar is currently encouraged and will eventually be essential  to carry out corrective instances called for by the existence of birth records in error.  It is important HelpStar be utilized now so as not to impede future facilitation of its offerings.

HelpStar Abstract Error request guidelines

When making an abstract error resolution request:

-chosen category should be IPHIS / Abstract Error. 

-   title of request should be the state file number of the record followed by ‘waiting’ or ‘mail’ if said qualifiers apply.

- a prefix/suffix of SA or SFN or any other prefix/suffix should not be placed before or after the state file number.

- in the memo portion of the request, please provide the name and the date of birth of the child that we may both quickly and correctly locate the record in question.

- also, in the memo portion of the request, please provide a brief description of the correctable error.

Of note:

- any abstract resolution is dictated by information present on the birth certificate image we have on file at the state.  if the image matches what is reflected in IPHIS, other avenues of correction will need taken.  there are a few exceptions on this, including the common correctable error of place of birth to reflect state/country only, and also the changing of the mother’s last name to reflect the informant signature line.

- any affidavit status inquiry or direction on affidavit approval needs routed to the email

Other usage of HelpStar

- to request a death certificate image, use the same process as usual requesting while making the subject line in format of ’DC’ followed by state file number.  a pdf image of the DC requested will be attached to the HelpStar request.

- you can also use HelpStar to request user changes, add staff accounts, request home birth guidance, request burial permit guidance, etc. 

- if HelpStar is down, please call the help desk or email us at

Local Health Departments and applicable persons:  We are in the process of contacting some of our larger VS offices regarding a new customer service index kiosk.  This application can be set up in your lobby and allows the public the opportunity to search birth and death indexes in real time.  For many offices, maintaining and updating an index of all of your birth and death records is a big challenge, especially if your office has had records merged with your operation.  We are hoping to have offices voluntarily adopt this application this year, and then require that all offices be changed over to this system by the end of 2015.  Please note that by having the kiosk, an office will have the ability to search the state death index, allowing an office to direct a customer to the proper VS office for certificates not filed at that office.

With the new Healthcare Marketplace many customers now have the option to purchase health insurance plans directly from companies that were not always offered in the past. For this reason we have created a Medicaid Tip Sheet to help facilitate accurate information collection for the Facility Worksheet question #3. (Principal Source of Payment For This Delivery). The programs offered through the Marketplace should be marked as Purchased Directly. Please help Ohio collect the most accurate vital statistics data by utilizing this tip sheet.

Medicaid Card Example Sheet.


As a part of The Ohio Perinatal Quality Collaborative (OPQC) project and at the recommendation of the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS); in order to improve the quality of Ohio’s birth statistical data; the Office of Vital Statistics removed the Unknown answer option from some of the questions in IPHIS and from the Facility Worksheet. These changes went into effect on January 2, 2014. Many of these fields have been marked Unknown in the past because the information couldn’t be found in the charts. ODH policy explains if you cannot find a positive in the charts then the field should be “None” instead of “Unknown”.

We have published the updated Facility Worksheets for your use.

HEA 0136 FACILITY WORKSHEET 2014       HEA 0137 MOM'S WORKSHEET 2014             HEA 0140 FACILITY WORKSHEET MULTIPLE BIRTHS 2014                                                   HEA 0141 MOM'S WORKSHEET MULTIPLE BIRTHS 2014

The questions where “Unknown” has been removed from the answer options are as follows:

Pregnancy Tab:

     Risk Factors


     Obstetric Procedures

Labor and Delivery Tab:

     Was mother transferred to this facility?

     Onset of Labor

     Characteristics of Labor and Delivery

     Method of delivery: Fetal Presentation at birth

     Method of delivery: Final Route and method of delivery

     Maternal Morbidity

Newborn Tab:

     Obstetric estimate of gestation at delivery

     Abnormal conditions of the newborn

     Congenital anomalies of the newborn

     Was infant transferred?

Local Health Departments and applicable persons:  A new adoption law was signed last year and will allow for individuals who were adopted between 1964 and September 18, 1996 the ability to get the contents of their sealed file.  The release of information will not happen until March 20, 2015, however, we are receiving a lot of calls from courts, biological parents, and adoptees regarding what this means to them.  If any of your offices get calls regarding the new adoption law, please either refer them to the ODH website for information (, or have them call our customer service number for assistance.

All applicable death affidavit preparers and filers:  A death affidavit can be utilized as an acceptable document to change applicable information on a death certificate as entered by the death record owner in fields pertaining to the checkbox funeral home personal info complete.  In the event a second death affidavit is done, it is okay to complete and accept for filing said affidavit even if the information being changed has been addressed by a previous affidavit.  For instance, if a date of birth is recorded incorrectly on a death certificate, and an affidavit is filed to correct the date of birth but later found to have been submitted also with the wrong date of birth, a second affidavit can be filed to correct the first.  In the event a second affidavit is submitted in a timely manner, the HelpDesk can aid all parties in deactivating the first affidavit once all certified copies of issuance are returned to the local health department.  This process of accepting affidavits to change like information applies only to death affidavits as there is no court process in place to address further correction of said records.  Current verbiage on the death affidavits is not in line with this process and has been noted as outdated and will be modified at a future date. 

* Also, please note that if the field being changed was previously blank, the affidavit will print blank in the 'original entry' box.  This blank printing is the acceptable and correct way such a field should present in said box and the affidavit should be accepted for filing as is.      


Funeral Directors and Funeral Home Staff: Please click on the links below to review articles being published in the December issue of the OFDA Buckeye Director Magazine.

ODH VS Bullet Points: Certificate of Service and Voided Death Records.

ODH VS Certificate of Service article.

ODH VS Voided Death Record article.

As always for EDRS assistance please call the helpdesk at 614-466-2531 option 3.

All applicable IPHIS users with rights to request birth unlocks:  In regards to requesting the HelpDesk to unlock a birth record via IPHIS, please note that if the record has already been sent to SSA, the record most likely will not be approved for the unlock.  When an unlock is done, all the fields of the record become open for change, and from a control standpoint this cannot happen without safeguards and workarounds.  If you are requesting an unlock for the Hep B tab or the Hearing tab on such a record, you are advised to either use your existing Immunization Clerk / Hearing Clerk roles to edit the record or to request said roles be added to your existing rights via your IPHIS administrator.  In some events where the information to be added is in number just an item or two, you can put the information as it should be in the notes field and request the unlock so the HelpDesk can change it and place the record back in its previous status.  In other events wherein the information to be added includes several items, you can fax the change requests to 614-564-2420 and the HelpDesk will make the changes as available.  If you use this method, please include the name of the child, the date of birth, and the exact tabs and items to be addressed.  The HelpDesk checks the birth unlock queue every ten minutes if not sooner.  If you have a record you've requested and this amount of time has passed, please make sure the unlock was requested properly as placing a note on the record is not sufficient in and of itself.
All applicable EDRS users:  Within EDRS, the HelpDesk has the ability to void and reject death records for reasonable and supported reasons as provided by those involved in the ongoing process of entering and filing said records.  These two actions are used in specific circumstances and each serve a different purpose.  In the case a record is rejected, the existing death record continues to exist, just in a different status.  Rejecting a death record is used in circumstances wherein a funeral home needs to amend a recently filed death record and reprint for signage.  When a record is rejected, it needs to be accessed through the Search function, and not recreated under File then New.  In the case a record is voided, the record ceases to exist and cannot be searched or accessed.  Voiding a death record is used in circumstances wherein a name, date of birth, or gender field has been locked by social security's online acceptance tool even though the name is incorrect and is noted as incorrect before filing.  Voiding is also employed when duplicate records exist, which occurs often when a rejected record is not accessed and is instead recreated.  Voiding a death record should only be requested when the more acceptable practice of generating an affidavit has been explored and deemed not amenable to expediency or to the honoring of the informant's wishes.

All IPHIS-EDRS Users:  Please note our policy to create/modify/remove access to IPHIS-EDRS has changed, partly due to hyperlink issues in the Support Site, and partly due to increased security requirements.

UPDATE:  Birth Facility Staff:  Your facility must have one to three Facility Administrators, approved by your hospital executive and communicated to the VS HelpDesk using this form.  The Facility Administrator can email with the name/email of a user who needs access modified. The confirmation of access creation/modification will be emailed to the user and cc:ed to the Facility Administrator.

Coroners:  Clerks and deputy coroners can still be added and removed using this EDRS User Support Document with approving signature from the coroner.  Each office should have at least one deputy coroner for business resumption needs.   Please make sure you notify our office of any staffing changes promptly.

Funeral Directors: When the Board of Embalmers & Funeral Directors notifies our office that an individual or home license has expired, we must deactivate the associated user accounts and/or homes associated.  If we receive another notice directly from the BEFD, the access can be reinstated.  Clerks can still be added and removed using this EDRS User Support Document with approving signature from a licensed funeral director.  Please make sure you notify our office of any staffing changes promptly. 

UPDATE: LHD Staff:  Your facility must have at least one Facility Administrator, approved by your Health Commissioner and communicated to the VS HelpDesk using this FASD form.  The Facility Administrator can email with the name/email of a user who needs access modified.  The confirmation of access creation/modification will be emailed to the user and cc:ed to the Facility Administrator.  Also, the fax number has been changed on the Change of Registrar Appointment Request form, to the VS HelpDesk.

Birth facility staff:  Click here to review the recently revised Guide to Completing the Facility Worksheet.  It does not contain new variables, but the definitions have been updated. 
All applicable persons processing or accepting death certificates:  In regards to the practice of emailing saved PDF death certificates to assigned certifiers or other applicable persons, please note that in order for the record to be accepted for filing it must retain its original size and have no extraneous text or markings.  If the practice is one with which the death certificate creator or acceptor is familiar with, and can support, with no detriment to the final certificate's appearance, then the practice is acceptable insofar as its end result parallels that of regular printing and processing.    
Local VS Offices: Please use the updated Guidelines for Disposition and Registration of Death Without Funeral Home.  The fax number to the VS Registration Unit was updated, as well as the contact number for public assistance regarding cemetery dispute resolution. 

All applicable IPHIS/EDRS users with knowledge of address changes and/or additions regarding certifiers and facilities:  Please click here to access the facility facts change request form one can use to add or update an address as it appears in the IPHIS/EDRS application.


Business partners: Click here to review the updated ODH/VS Contact Directory, which includes a detailed description of duties with phone/fax numbers and email addresses.  This will help you understand which teams inside ODH/VS are responsible for which duties, and also help you choose who to contact if you need assistance. 

Local and Sub Registrars:  Please be sure to inform Vital Statistics of any changes you may be privy to in your community regarding the moving, closure, or name change of a hospital.  One can do this via the Facility Facts Change Request Form by clicking here.  This information is essential to maintain an up-to-date database from which the IPHIS/EDRS dropdown selections are populated.  If you notice an item on the dropdown list is not correct, please initiate the change by using the aforementioned and above linked form.  

Local VS Offices: For new birth certificates recently registered by the Local Health Departments, the image will not be available until ODH receives and scans the certificate. Once the certificate is scanned and the image is downloaded, IPHIS users can click on ACTIONS, DISPLAY IMAGE/DOCUMENT to view the image.

Local Registrars: Many local offices have received a mail request from a private legal company requesting copies of records, but the request arrives without a fee and without an application, instead arriving on a subpoena court form. Unless the paperwork includes the name of the court, the name of the judge, a date and a court seal, it is not a valid subpoena. Click here to review an example of a recent inquiry; this company is willing to purchase certified copies upon further request. Should you receive a similar inquiry from the company or others like it, local offices can certainly contact the ODH/VS Field Service Unit for assistance by faxing a copy to 614-387-1291. If it is not a valid legal subpoena, the requesting company should instead submit a vital record application along with the required fee.

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