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Sunday, April 19, 2015
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If you are a licensed funeral director, you may signup for access to the EDRS application by faxing the "EDRS User Support Document" to ODH/VS for registration.

------------------------------- FUNERAL HOME STAFF REGISTRATION TO EDRS

If you need to be added to EDRS as a clerk for a funeral home, your licensed funeral director should complete and then submit a paper request for an account with the approving signature of a funeral director. 

Click here to access the form necessary to add funeral home support staff to EDRS!
------------------------------- CORONER REGISTRATION TO EDRS

Coroners must fax the "EDRS User Support Document" to ODH/VS for registration to EDRS. This form supplies required data (including unique email address) to ODH/VS in order to register coroners, deputy coroners and other coroner support staff.

Click here to register!
------------------------------- REGISTRAR CHANGES IN IPHIS-EDRS
Local, Deputy and Sub- Registrar changes should be faxed to ODH/VS as soon as possible using the "Change of Registrar Appointment Request" form. Vital changes must be made in the IPHIS-EDRS application.
Click here to submit your change request!
------------------------------- HOSPITAL REGISTRATION TO EDRS

Hospital staff can get clerk level access to EDRS in order to input death certificate information, for situations such as an infant death or body donation. Users must fax the "EDRS User Support Document" to ODH/VS, which supplies us with required information to setup or modify your access account.

Click here to submit your request!
------------------------------- BIRTH FACILITY REGISTRATION TO IPHIS

Hospital staff access to IPHIS is controlled by a local Facility Administrator, who can request the creation/removal of user accounts within their facility by emailing  If a change to your Facility Administrator is required (each facility should have two or three for redundancy), complete the Facility Administrator Support Document and fax to ODH/VS.

Click here to submit your change request!


This site is maintained by the Office of Vital Statistics for business partners. Public customers needing certified copies should call (614)466-2531 or visit   Business partners should use this site for the registration of vital records. Should you experience a problem while navigating the Support Site, use the Site Feedback link at the bottom. Should you have a question about IPHIS-EDRS, call our HelpDesk at (614) 466-2531, option 3.

UPDATED!  Local Health Departments:  The next vital statistics webinar will be Thursday, April 23rd, at 9 AMPlease review the materials from past webinars:
  1. Click here for the 8/22 presentation, which explained the new process for issuing a "certified letter of no record" and included references to the standard application form for LHD's.
  2. Click here for the 9/26 presentation, which included references to the Easy Step Guide to Create and File a Certificate of Service and the tip sheet to remove a birth record from hold.    
  3. Click here for the 10/24 presentation, which included additions to the ODH birth affidavit guidelines and an explanation of the two different ways a fetal death record may be issued.  
  4. Click here for the 1/23/14 presentation , which included registration reminders, an overview of the Citrix upgrade, an update about adoption law changes, and an overview of the statewide search kiosk. 
  5. Click here for the 2/27/14 presentation , which includes prior year record reminders, issues with filing death records, births certified by Midwives, HelpDesk outreach and Statewide Index kiosk.
  6. Click here for the 3/27/14 presentation, which explains recent adoption law changes.
  7. Click here for the 4/24/14 presentation, which clarified standards of statewide issuance, records not found in IPHIS, and public inspection of records.
  8. Click here for the 5/22/14 presentation (IPHIS view options REVISED 5/22, slides 14-15), which clarified the ODH/VS policy on release of information, the statutory requirement to maintain an index, permit reminders, view options in IPHIS, and Citrix password manager.
  9. Click here for the 6/26/14 presentation, which reviewed the process for obtaining a certified letter of no record, how to add access to the statewide index by 12/31/14, public inspection of records, and ODH/VS communication practices.
  10. Click here for 7/24/14 presentation, which clarified communication expectations when VS system issues are encountered, required sub-registrar duties, death affidavit restrictions in EDRS, interval/cause of death registration guidelines, and issuance reminders.
  11. Click here for the 8/28/14 presentation, which includes a screenshot of the ODH birth data warehouse, details about ODH/VS staff changes, and a statewide index update.
  12. Click here for the 9/25/14 presentation, which explains deceased flags on birth records, contains a statewide index update, and reviewed the local process to request a "no record" letter. 
  13. Click here for the 10/23/14 presentation, which reviews registration reminders. 
  14. Click here for the 12/9/14 presentation, which presented the revised process to request a "letter of no record" from ODH, to be certified by the LHD.  Click here to review an updated guide for obtaining the letter.  Click here to view the worksheet for said letter.
  15. Click here for the 1/22/15 presentation, which includes filing and "cause of death" entry reminders. 
  16. Click here for the 3/26/15 presentation summary, which includes information on the 3/20/15 revised adoption file process and the EDRS expansion for coroners to be implemented in May of 2015.
UPDATED!  Click here to view the current version of the Ohio Registrar Directory, which contains contact information for all local vital records offices and their local, deputy and sub- registrars (March updates summarized on first page). The directory is updated on a monthly basis and reposted to the Support Site under "Contacts". For appointment changes, use our Change of Registrar Appointment Request template for the fastest processing. All changes should be submitted to your ODH/VS Field Service Unit.  

To access the contact information for funeral homes, visit the Ohio Funeral Directors Association website at and click on the bottom of the page "Find a funeral home". You can search by city and/or name to find the address and phone number of local business partners. For coroners, visit the Ohio Coroners Association website at

NEW!  IPHIS users and applicable birth users:  The Ohio Perinatal Quality Collaborative and The Ohio Department of Health - Vital Statistics are pleased to announce, to all OB clinicians and birth registry staff who are responsible for Integrated Perinatal Health Information System (IPHIS) birth registry data entry, five regional training opportunities as detailed here.  Please click on the links within the document to register.

Some IPHIS/EDRS users are having printing issues because IPHIS/EDRS is asking them to save to a documents library. Click here to see steps you can take to get your printer setting back in IPHIS/EDRS. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Local VS staff: Click here to review the presentation on Mass Fatality Coordination from the OPHA/VS conference on 11/6/14. 
As part of the Ohio Perinatal Quality Collaborative (OPQC) project, questions and variables were recently modified in IPHIS; those changes are now reflected on the Birth Facility Worksheet and the Guidelines to Complete Facility Worksheet

ATTENTION! EDRS SSA VERIFICATION: Friday 11/14/2014 the SSN verification for Ohio deaths went offline.   SSN verification is now back online. If a record in EDRS has the error message "SYS ERROR" displayed the recod will need to be resubmitted to SSA. To trigger a resend retype the first or last name in the record already created (you should not create another death record). We apologize for the inconvenience.

Applicable users requesting clear images of death certificates in EDRS:  All requests for death record images should be so requested via HelpSTAR and should be subsequently printed from the attached PDF included in the HelpSTAR response from the HelpDesk team.  When making a HelpSTAR request, the Category should be EDRS/D.C. Image Request and there should be no more than one death record included on the submitted request.  E-mail requests should only be used when HelpSTAR is experiencing an outage and/or scheduled maintenance.  The use of HelpSTAR allows for privacy and for request tracking, and guarantees a response and delivery time that cannot be mirrored when using E-mail.  Any inquiries on the usage of HelpSTAR can be directed to the HelpDesk at 614-466-2531 or

*IMPORTANT*  Please also be aware that the new prenatal/pregnancy/labor/newborn data fields added into IPHIS are not required values at this time.  Each facility will be formally trained on the questions, their definitions, and how to collect this information from the hospital record.  Only when trained by Ohio Perinatal Quality Collaborative (OPQC) will a birthing facility be expected to complete the additional fields as part of the birth registry process.

If you do not have the values, select none.

Training will start in early December and will continue throughout 2015.  The facility worksheets will also be updated.


December 1,2014  Lake County General Health District has moved to One Victoria Square, Painesvillle, OH  44077

Wednesday morning August 20, 2014 the Lake County General Health District experienced a fire at the 33 Mill St. building.

Local Health Departments:  Shirley Boghart will continue to coordinate with local VS offices to setup a statewide index system in each VS lobby.  The application will fulfill statutory requirements to make available an index of records to the public in accordance with Ohio Revised Code 3705.07.  For many LHD's, updating an index of records is a challenge, especially if districts have merged with your operation.  Please note that by having the kiosk, an office will have the ability to search the state death index then direct a customer to other VS offices for certificates not filed in your district.

All applicable persons issuing birth abstracts from IPHIS:  If a birth record is not in filed/registered status and/or does not have an image attached for viewing, an abstract should not be issued.  Once a birth record is received in hard copy form at ODH/VS, the image placement on the corresponding IPHIS record will appear within a few days.   

Reporting Dashboard User Guide for Hospitals

Birth facility staff:  Click here to review the Reporting Dashboard User Guide for Hospitals.  The dashboard was developed to improve the quality of birthing data in Ohio.  With the system, hospitals are able to keep track of the quality of their data.  It gives hospitals access to timely information for improving their data by addressing issues of incompleteness, omissions, and wrong information.  It provides hospitals with a listing of acutal birth certificate numbers containing problems, allowing them to correct their errors and enhance the quality of their data.  Hospitals are also able to compare themselves to their peer groups, and also to statewide data, measured against ODH standards for data quality.

For more information, or to get enrolled for access to the dashboard, please contact Ike Mgbatogu at: or call (614)466-6126.


Birth facility staff: Please use the following links to view training developed by the Ohio Department of Health, Office of Vital Statistics, with the Ohio Perinatal Quality Collaborative. 

Module 1 - Why is Ohio's electronic birth registry important to the healthcare of women and newborn infants?

Module 2 - What are the variables in the Ohio electronic birth registry and what do they mean?

Module 3 - Where are birth registry variables found in the medical record?

Module 4 - How do I know if I have accurately entered data into IPHIS?

Module 5 - How can we improve the data entry processes at our hospital?


Local Health Departments:  Click here to view a brief accounting of common data corrections and other information pertaining to abstract errors, abstract data presentation, and abstract issuance as correspondent to duties with which the HelpDesk can assist by means of action and/or information sharing.  


Coroners: Please review the following information from the Violent Injury Prevention Program in the Ohio Department of Health.  We encourage you to share this information with physicians in your area. 

Ohio Prescription Drug Overdose Epidemic: epidemiology, contributing factors and ongoing prevention efforts (presentation)

Naloxone Distribution Programs: savings lives in Ohio (presentation)

2012 Ohio drug overdose death fact sheets

All applicable IPHIS/EDRS users:  Click Here to reference the new and updated Easy Step Guide to Citrix Password Manager.  Here one can learn and reference later how to set up security questions for password retrieval, reset passwords within the 60 day span, how to submit a password help request, and facilitate all other usage specific to password management.  

Registrars and Funeral Directors:  Pursuant to the Order of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio in Obergefell, et al. v. Wymyslo, 13-CV-501, Dr. Theodore E. Wymyslo, Director of the Ohio Department of Health, provides the attached Notice of Court Order.

On December 23, 2013 United States District Court Judge Timothy S. Black issued a Final Order and Declaratory Judgment and Permanent Injunction (EDF Docs. No. 65 & 66) in the matter of Obergefell, et al. v. Wymyslo, et al., Case No. 13-CV-501.  Importantly, while you are being provided with this notice as somebody who may assist in completing Ohio death certificates, the Court's order only applies to Plaintiffs James Obergefell, John Arthur, David Michener, and Robert Grunn (with respect to his future clients about whom he reports information regarding their marital status and status as surviving spouses in support of their requests for death certificates.)

Please review the notice carefully.  If you have any questions regarding the below attached notice, please contact Rachel Belenker, Legal Counsel, Ohio Department of Health at (614) 466-4882.

ODH Notice of Order

65 Final Order Granting Plaintiff's Motion for DJ, PI

66 Declaratory Judgment and Permanent Injunction


CSEA Offices: Welcome to IPHIS!  The Ohio Department of Health, Office of Vital Statistics (ODH/VS), is pleased to provide you with this instructional guide to assist Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) offices in using HelpSTAR.  The HelpSTAR application is instrumental with controlling access to the IPHIS central database, which contains valuable birth information.  Secure administration of local access is a very important task for county CSEA offices.  Each CSEA office should have one administrator in charge of local user accounts.  This person is responsible for using HelpSTAR to request new IPHIS accounts and notify ODH when IPHIS accounts should be deactivated upon employee separation. You can also use HelpSTAR to send requests for assistance with Citrix download problems, printer problems and searching issues.

Changes were added to improve the IPHIS Training for CSEA guide.  Click here to print the new IPHIS Training for CSEA guide.  This illustrated guide will help you perform efficient searches and understand the displayed data. This guide should be shared with all CSEA users.

Local Health Departments and applicable persons:  A new adoption law was signed last year and will allow for individuals who were adopted between 1964 and September 18, 1996 the ability to get the contents of their sealed file.  The release of information will not happen until March 20, 2015, however, we are receiving a lot of calls from courts, biological parents, and adoptees regarding what this means to them.  If any of your offices get calls regarding the new adoption law, please either refer them to the ODH website for information (, or have them call our customer service number for assistance.

All applicable IPHIS/EDRS users with knowledge of address changes and/or additions regarding certifiers and facilities:  Please click here to access the facility facts change request form one can use to add or update an address as it appears in the IPHIS/EDRS application.


Business partners: Click here to review the updated ODH/VS Contact Directory, which includes a detailed description of duties with phone/fax numbers and email addresses.  This will help you understand which teams inside ODH/VS are responsible for which duties, and also help you choose who to contact if you need assistance. 

Local and Sub Registrars:  Please be sure to inform Vital Statistics of any changes you may be privy to in your community regarding the moving, closure, or name change of a hospital.  One can do this via the Facility Facts Change Request Form by clicking here.  This information is essential to maintain an up-to-date database from which the IPHIS/EDRS dropdown selections are populated.  If you notice an item on the dropdown list is not correct, please initiate the change by using the aforementioned and above linked form.  

Local VS Offices: For new birth certificates recently registered by the Local Health Departments, the image will not be available until ODH receives and scans the certificate. Once the certificate is scanned and the image is downloaded, IPHIS users can click on ACTIONS, DISPLAY IMAGE/DOCUMENT to view the image.

Local Registrars: Many local offices have received a mail request from a private legal company requesting copies of records, but the request arrives without a fee and without an application, instead arriving on a subpoena court form. Unless the paperwork includes the name of the court, the name of the judge, a date and a court seal, it is not a valid subpoena. Click here to review an example of a recent inquiry; this company is willing to purchase certified copies upon further request. Should you receive a similar inquiry from the company or others like it, local offices can certainly contact the ODH/VS Field Service Unit for assistance by faxing a copy to 614-387-1291. If it is not a valid legal subpoena, the requesting company should instead submit a vital record application along with the required fee.

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